Here are some testimonials from people who have utilized WIST®.

Career Options Letter to potential Publisher of the WIST Manual: I had reviewed WIST several years ago and found it to have solid ground in psychological theory. - Jungian Analyst & Author

Are You Happy at Work? From a client letter after receipt of written WIST reports on three bank officers who completed WIST anonymously: Thanks a lot for the "exposes" on the characters who filled out WIST. I'm not sure what sort of wizardry goes into formulating such questionnaires, but it would appear to me that your analysis is pretty much on the money. Are you sure you didn't collaborate with Miss Xxxxxxx to get the names ahead of time? - Regional Bank EVP

The Right Job is a Continual Source of Interests From a client letter upon receipt of a written WIST report: If you said you were a mind reader rather than a career counsellor, I would believe you. It is amazing how much you could pull out of that seemingly benign test. I was surprised (and somewhat relieved) at how closely your analysis matched my own feelings about my strengths and weaknesses. - Young Woman pondering career change.

The World Needs Your Best Work! From a letter after a personal discussion of WIST results with client: I really enjoyed discovering more about myself and learning more completely about what fields I perhaps would find the most happiness and success in. I know that in making the decision whether to leave the service or not, your advice will better enable me to make the right decision. Thanks again. - Young Serviceman nearing possible discharge.

Hate to Go to Work?  It Isn't You; It's the Work! From a client letter after receipt of detailed written WIST Report: I found it almost eerily accurate as did my wife when she read it. It was refreshing to learn that the way I see myself is actually pretty true to form. I sincerely appreciate your insight and suggestions. You've given me a great deal to think about. - Male Executive pondering major mid-life change.

What is My Life Work? From a letter following a personal discussion with client regarding WIST results: I enjoyed meeting with you and found some of your insights very helpful. I've been thinking over a lot of things we talked about - - just understanding better how my personality relates to the world helps to deal with stress. For example, all last week I was surrounded with people at work, at work-related cocktail parties, etc. and felt overloaded. But rather than wonder what was wrong with me I just waited until I could escape for awhile and get rejuvenated. It worked! - Successful Female Executive