Profile A * intellectual IMAGINATIVE * a BASIC Profile *

Profile A * intellectual IMAGINATIVE * a <b>BASIC</b> Profile *

When IMAGINATION is supported by THOUGHT -- vision and intuition by rationality and logic -- jobs are favored that contain a significant theoretical component. Examples include the theoretical sciences and mathematics, and in general, scientific research for its own sake rather than for any specific purpose now or in the future. Oddly, this Sector does not possess the rigor of Sector B with its emphasis on the intellectual, but is, rather, more likely to include a hunch-playing approach that might seem on the surface to have no strictly scientific basis. It's science all right! But it is packed with an intuitive content that defies pinning down.

If the data are looking for a unifying theory; if that which has been until now rather amorphous is to be given form; if the abstract is finally to make sense; Profile A is the Sector where it can happen. Here it is possible, owing to the strong influence of intuition and supporting intellect, to generate speculation-with-accuracy on the basis of data which, to others, might look skimpy. Sector A has a powerful capacity for leaping ahead and producing theoretical gaps. The penalty associated with this vision is that the gaps so formed must ultimately be filled by means of scrupulous testing in the crucible of facts and reality where results can be impersonally reproduced.

Profile A emphasizes synthesis. Analysis is performed as needed. The theoretical aspects of the hard sciences, including medical research, with strong emphasis on concepts and principles, require an integration of what may seem at first to be unrelated material. It is in Profile A that relationships among diverse sources are identified and theoretical sense made. This is pioneering science.

Profile A can work to good effect in Sector B; however, certain conditions have to be met. It is important that schedules and deadlines be as flexible as possible. There should be the opportunity to follow interesting leads, even if they ultimately prove useless. The latitude to respond to hunches is a must! Administration and paperwork unrelated to science should be minimized. Profile A loathes bureaucracy and bean counting, probably to a greater extent than any Profile other than H. It can neither understand nor tolerate being pestered for completion schedules while facing the unknown.

With INTROVERSION, Profile A will delve deeply into the abstract and ultimately make sense of it, sense that may, however, be hard to comprehend. Also within this Profile is the source of much valuable teaching at the highest levels of advanced education in the sciences. With EXTRAVERSION, the Profile provides pioneering leadership through uncharted theoretical waters by means of original principles and concepts. This capacity is realized in high-technology organizations that are usually small to medium in size, or in laboratories attached to large institutions such as universities or national laboratories. Profile A's are best led by other A's, by B's whom they can respect, or, conceivably, by H's. Any leadership efforts by others will customarily be viewed with little interest but much amusement.